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  • bicarbonato de sodio CAS:144-55-8

    bicarbonato de sodio CAS:144-55-8

    Nombre : Bicarbonato de sodio Número CAS: 144-55-8 Apariencia: Polvo blanco o cristales finos opacos del sistema monoclínico Fórmula molecular: CHNaO3 Peso molecular:  84,01 Punto de fusión: >300 °C(lit.) PAQUETE: 25KG/BOLSA  

  • Metilvinildiclorosilano CAS: 124-70-9 (VDCS)

    Metilvinildiclorosilano CAS: 124-70-9 (VDCS)

    Nombre: Dicrorometilvinilsilano Número CAS: 124-70-9 Fórmula molecular: C3H6Cl2Si Peso molecular: 141.07 Número EINECS: 204-710-3 Archivo mol: 124-70-9.mol

  • Viniltrimetilsilano (VTMS) CAS: 754-05-2

    Viniltrimetilsilano (VTMS) CAS: 754-05-2

    Nombre: Viniltrimetilsilano Número CAS: 754-05-2 Fórmula molecular: C5H12Si Peso molecular: 100,23 Número EINECS: 212-042-9 Archivo mol: 754-05-2.mol

  • Dimetilviniletoxisilano (DMEOV) CAS: 5356-83-2

    Dimetilviniletoxisilano (DMEOV) CAS: 5356-83-2

    Nombre: Etoxidimetilvinilsilano Número CAS: 5356-83-2 Fórmula molecular: C6H14OSi Peso molecular: 130,26 Número EINECS: 226-341-7 Archivo mol: 5356-83-2.mol

  • Dimetilvinliclorosilano (DMV) CAS: 1719-58-0

    Dimetilvinliclorosilano (DMV) CAS: 1719-58-0

    Nombre: CLORODIMETILPINILSILANO Número CAS: 1719-58-0 Fórmula molecular: C4H9ClSi Peso molecular: 120,65 Número EINECS: 217-007-1 Archivo mol: 1719-58-0.mol

  • Tetrametildivinildisilazano VMN CAS:7691-02-3

    Tetrametildivinildisilazano VMN CAS:7691-02-3

    Nombre: 1,1,3,3-TETRAMETIL-1,3-DIVINILDISILAZANE Número CAS: 7691-02-3 Fórmula molecular: C8H19NSi2 Peso molecular: 185.41 Número EINECS: 231-701-1 Archivo mol: 7691-02-3. moles

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Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Notice

Dear all, We would like to inform you that China will usher in the annual Dragon Boat Festival, which is one of the ancient traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. We will have three days off to ...

Labor Day Holiday Notice

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that our company will be observing the Labor Day holiday from May 1st to May 5th. During this period, our office will be closed as our team takes a well-deserved break to celebrate this important occasion.

Please note the following details regarding our holiday schedule:
Dates: Our holiday period will commence on May 1st (wednesday) and conclude on May 5th (Sunday). We will resume normal operations on May 6th (Monday).
Limited Support: Kindly be advised that our customer support and sales teams will not be available during the holiday period.
Order Processing: Please be aware that any orders placed during the holiday period will be processed promptly upon our return. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience and understanding.
Communication: Although our office will be closed, you can still contact us at email . We will respond to your inquiries and requests promptly upon our return.

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